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6 Best Hydroponic Starter Kits

6 best hydroponics starter grow kitsPin

Hydroponic is the process of growing plants, especially crops, flowers, and herbs, without using soil. The method uses mineral solutions that contain nutrients in an aqueous solvent. Plants flourish under the careful maintenance of hydroponics. If you have minimal space in your hydroponic garden or are looking for hydroponics kits for beginners, you can use less water to grow beautiful flowers and fruits within a short time. Continue to read below for reviews of hydroponic grow kits.

Why Grow with Hydroponics

You cannot use soil when growing plants hydroponically. Instead, plants such as fruits and vegetables are deeply rooted in an inert growing media. Nutrients enriched with water are circulated using an in-line pump through the plant’s root system. Plants complete the photosynthesis cycle through overhead lighting.

Maybe you are a gardener, and you are curious about the best hydroponic starter kit and its importance. Hydroponic gardening is the best method to grow fruits, garden flowers, herbs, and vegetables under a manageable condition. Here are the reasons why you should use a hydroponic garden kit to grow plants:

  • It improves the quality of produce
  • Sufficient supply of nutrients to plants
  • Total control of gardening
  • Saves on garden space

Importance of Hydroponic Starter Grow Kits

Is hydroponic right for you? I assure you this is the most excellent way of growing your fruits, flowers, or vegetables. You can control nutrients and pH to ensure plants are receiving particular nutrients required. The capacity of growing plants hydroponically enables you as the gardener to regulate temperatures and light schedules to improve plants’ production. Compared to traditional soil-grown crops, hydroponic is the best due to the following benefits:

  • Up to 95% of water is sufficiently used.
  • It increases the production of plants from 2 to 10 times in the same amount of garden space.
  • You don’t need pest control or chemical weed when operating a hydroponic system.
  • You can produce crops twice as fast in a well-controlled hydroponic garden.
  • You can increase the nutritional value of plants’ end products due to decreased time between harvest.

The starter kit is designed to make use of available vertical space and increase planting density. Hydroponics system allows you to make farms in areas with poor soil conditions or with limited space.  Some of the best hydroponic starter grow kits in the market today include:


Click and Grow Smart Garden 9


The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 is an indoor plant garden that is perfect for small spaces and easy to use. You can grow nine different plants using this device.

This device comes with a water tank with a capacity of 5L and a 2800mm cable. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 is compact in size and an appealing package of different dimensions. Once you buy this device, it comes with many accessories to allow you to grow more than 55 varieties of plants, such as herbs and flower seed capsules.

  • You can harvest more plants, produce and waste less
  • You can avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides that are toxic to you and plant
  • Continued access of fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, and salads
  • You produce what you can eat happily at home
  • It can be clunky for smaller households

PowerGrow Systems Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Bucket Kit


Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive method for growing plants? Then, Power Grow Systems Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Bucket Kit is the perfect answer! If you need a complete hydroponic kit , Power Grow Systems Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Bucket Kit is recommended for you.

In PowerGrow System, plant roots are immersed in a water reservoir infused with oxygen and nutrients. Oxygen-rich solutions help build healthy root systems sufficiently and rapidly, resulting in superior plant growth and massive production. The hydroponic kit comprises the following: 5 Gallon bucket approved by FDA, Bluewater level indicator, Drain, and complete manual for guidance.  

What are you waiting for? Start growing your plants with Power Grow Systems Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Bucket Kit today!

  • It is super easy to use
  • It allows you to use little effort to grow your plants within a short time
  • Larger buckets allow you to grow larger plants
  • Drain and water level indicators enable water changes to be easy
  • Aeration to the roots is improved by using air stones in each bucket
  • You will have to buy your hydroton (clay pebbles) because it does not come with the media
  • You will have to water the small plants from the top because roots won’t reach the reservoir’s water

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System


iDOO Hydroponics Growing System is designed with a water hydroponic circulation system to increase oxygen in the water. The plant grows faster in nutrient water than soil.  It has high-performance 24-Watt Grow LED lights to simulate the spectrum of sunlight. This promotes the photosynthesis cycle in any weather.

It has three smart modes for different stages of growth. Normal mode with red, white, and blue LED lights suitable for plant sprout, young plants, and seedlings. Grow mode with white and red lights for growing plants and sprout. Enjoy mode with 60% red and white LED light perfect for grown plants and flower stages.

The hydroponic kit has two water pumps for circulation. The water pump works for five minutes at normal mode, and then it is paused for 30 minutes to sleeping mode. It has an adjustable garden kit to adjust plants to different height growth stages.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System with seven pods is designed for growing plants without soil.

  • The system provides water to ensure natural and green planting and no soil contamination for you
  • With a hydroponic system, plants grow, taking less space. Hence you can grow more plants at once
  • Nutrients and oxygen are directly delivered to the roots due to open plant root systems, hence proper nutrition intake
  • There is no problem because of no use of pesticides
  • The cost of the initial set up of the iDOO Hydroponics Growing System is expensive
  • Equipment failure like water pump, your plants can be killed within hours
  • It takes time to learn how to use iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

Vegebox Large White (K-Box)


Vegebox Large White (K-Box) is a simple and smart home indoor hydroponic kit. It has a full light spectrum of 22-watt LED grow light that can save you time and effort. Vegebox large white come with automated built-in LED grow lights panels. The panels give everything the plant needs to flourish and produce.

The device serves as home decoration because you can grow your flowers in your vegebox without worrying about sprayed chemicals.  Its artistic appearance and vibrant growth make your home full of vitality and energy. This hydroponic starter comes with the following accessories: 18 sponges, a non-woven bag, a seedbox, one user manual, tweezers, 20 baskets for planting, measuring cups, and 8 caps.

Vegetarians, this Vegebox Large White (K-Box) is for you. You can get one and make a home vegetable garden. You can grow any seeds from fruits, herbs, and flowers. Enjoy your fresh vegetables even during cold weather.

  • It is a simple and smart home gardening device
  • It allows you to grow fresh vegetables all year round
  • Vegebox Large white can decorate and improve your home
  • The device might stop working due to power shortage and plants can start to dry immediately due to system failure
  • Vegebox Large White (K-Box) requires your commitment and time

Aerogarden Bounty Elite


Aerogarden Bounty Elite is a smart tabletop hydroponic system and one of the largest and most technically advanced models. The device allows you to grow up to 9 plants to grow that translate to massive yields. It has a full spectrum with 45-Watt LED lighting and an internal pump to balance nutrients and water levels.  

Aerogarden Bounty plants grow five times faster than those grown in soil. You can grow any crop using Aerogarden Bounty Elite. You can utilize all the nine planting pods and harvest four times in a year. The total production might be 36 fresh plants to supplement your cooking. You don’t need a supermarket if you have a hydroponics starter.

  • Aerogarden Bounty Elite uses less electricity and water hence energy efficient
  • It is perfect for beginners in gardening
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Faster growth and massive yields
  • Expensive: Aerogarden Bounty Elite can be expensive to buy.

Aerogarden Harvest Elite


Aerogarden Harvest Elite has high tech features with a sleek stainless steel finish. It is designed with handy vacation mode, digital display for reminders to add water and food. It has in-built-sensors to manage full-spectrum LED lights.

The starter kit comes with adequate per-fertilized soil pods that can last the entire growing season and non-GMO seeds to plant six herbs. The height can be adjusted as plants can reach up to the foot before pruning. Aerogarden Harvest Elite is tapered on the bottom to save enough counter space.

  • It enables you to grow more plants in a limited space
  • Reduces your effort and input of growing plants because Aerogarden Harvest Elite does almost everything for you
  • The device improves the rate of success of your indoor gardening activities
  • You can have a constant harvest
  • Growing with Aerogarden Harvest Elite is fun and satisfactory
  • Aerogarden Harvest Elite is expensive to buy and set up for gardening

Hydroponic gardening is gaining momentum and popularity as the perfect way to grow plants. You should embrace hydroponic gardening to get massive produce. Hydroponic starter kits is the greatest to grow sustainable food economically.

Since you have a view of various hydroponic garden kits, you can use them to grow your vegetables. You need to understand which hydroponic grow kits is suitable for your hydroponic cultivation. Start small and expand with time as you experience the best of hydroponic starter kits. This is a unique way to get started with hydroponic kits for beginners and hobbyists. Try it out!

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