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Organic Fertilizers and its Advantages vs. Chemical Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers and Its Advantages Pin

What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizers are substances that are added to the soil to increase the quality of soil by adding at least the minimal nutrients promoting plant growth. People are now well aware of the consequences of the use of chemical fertilizers and the harm that they can do to the environment and people. Thus, organic fertilizers are much preferred.

What is Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers that have been produced from natural sources like animal and plant by-products, bacteria wasters, seaweed, etc. They should be able to provide the required nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. All kinds of compost and manure are even classified as fertilizers, as there is no legal-specific definition. They are produced from living material or ones that were living. There are natural and processed organic fertilizers. Natural are those that can be obtained in the natural form like slurry, guano, etc. Processed ones are those that make use of bone, bloodmeal, etc to produce fertilizers.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

There are several benefits of organic fertilizers, which is why the demand for them has increased. They are non-toxic and therefore ensure that the food/crops produced are fresh and pure without contaminants. Chemical fertilizers can enter into the foods and contaminate them, making it toxic. The high cost of chemical fertilizers poses a significant problem for the farmers. With organic fertilizers, the costs are greatly reduced as they are obtained from the natural environment. Some of the very efficient organic fertilizers can be produced from wastes, thus making it easier for the farmer to find organic fertilizer for the soil.

Chemical fertilizers, when used for a long time, will gradually deplete the soil quality, and extensive soil preparation will have to be done to rejuvenate the soil. Organic fertilizer usage does not harm the soil. With the recurring use of organic fertilizer, it improves the nutrient holding capacity of the soil. With time, less fertilizer is required for the soil.

This is possible with the use of organic fertilizers. With the use of chemical fertilizers, the quality of soil is reduced and thus requires more fertilizer supplies now. There is a whole lot of awareness being spread about chemical fertilizers due to the harm that is causing to life and nature. It has been contaminating the soil and water bodies leading to diseases and destruction of plants and animals.

With organic gardening, you get healthy crops, healthy plants, and well-replenished soil. Organic fertilizers give slow results, but the ultimate product is well structured. Chemical fertilizers might be able to give quick results, but the roots are underdeveloped and give weaker plants.

The Best and Richest All-Natural Fertilizer

Vermicast or bio humus is the best organic fertilizer produced from the casting by worms or essentially worm poop :). Certain worms (not your backyard worms) take in organic material and digest it through their gizzard system to release by-products rich in nutrients in easily absorbable form. Vermicast can hold an increased quantity of water and nutrients in the right amount. They do not cause any contamination; the soil neither intoxicates the produce from the farm. Using pure vermicasting, you can have rich soil and increased quantity and quality of produce without harming the environment.

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