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How to Care for Peperomia Pink Lady


The Peperomia Pink Lady is an adorable little plant best known for its pink coloring across the leaves. Although it only grows to be about 10 to 20 inches, this small plant is still an eye-catcher with its pink and cream accents. Originally native to the jungles of Central and South America, it has heart-shaped leaves and flowers upon occasion. 

Although it is known colloquially as the Pink Lady due to its feminine presence with its cute pink leaves, the scientific name of the Peperomia Pink Lady is Peperomia Marmorata. 

The most important thing to know when caring for this lovely lady is that this plant is mostly epiphytic. An epiphytic plant is a plant that grows on the surface of something else and gets its nutrients from the surrounding environment and, therefore, not the soil. Since this plant would not naturally be found attached to the ground in its native lands of Central and South America, it hates sitting in watery soil. If you stop reading here and are at least aware of this important characteristic of the Peperomia Pink Lady, your chances of keeping your plant alive increase significantly. 



The biggest challenge with caring for a Peperomia Pink Lady is keeping the soil happy. You must be super careful not to overwater this plant. They should not be found in waterlogged soil. Therefore, it is important to keep the soil well-draining. You should also take care not to overwater. You can use any store-bought potting mix or multi-purpose compost mix. You can also add a bit of perlite to help with the water drainage and keep the roots happy with root aeration. If your Peperomia Pink Lady does not have well-draining soil, the roots will easily rot and cause your beloved plant to die. The soil should be a bit over halfway dry before you consider watering it again. This should be about once a week. 


Peperomia Pink Lady likes medium to bright indirect sun, making this plant the most perfect houseplant for a well-lit room. This plant is pretty resilient and will tolerate any light above a low lighting situation. It would be best if you took care not to have this plant rest in direct sunlight, or you will risk burning its delicate pink leaves to a crisp. This plant mostly enjoys well-lit rooms with an abundance of filtered light. 

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Peperomia Pink Lady enjoys a humidity of around 40% to 50%. They will tolerate having more humidity, but too much humidity could lead to soggy soil or fungal diseases. Therefore, your Peperomia Pink Lady should be kept in a well-ventilated space. If you live in a dry climate, you could consider putting the Peperomia Pink Lady on a tray of rocks in water. 


The Peperomia Pink Lady enjoys a warm, comfortable temperature of around 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Most likely, if you are comfortable in a room, your Peperomia Pink Lady will also be comfortable in the room. 


If you use a nutrient-dense potting mix, you may have little need for fertilizer. If you find that you want to add fertilizer to your plant, only consider doing so during the growth periods of the spring and summer months. Adding fertilizer to your plant during the winter will serve no use since your plant will be dormant. 


The Peperomia Pink lady enjoys being pretty root bound. If it begins to look like there are more roots than soil in the pot, you may want to consider repotting to a larger-sized pot. You can repot this lovely plant any time of the year, but the rule of thumb is to do so in the springtime so that the roots will have space to expand over the next growing season. Ensure that your pot is well draining so that no stagnant water gets caught in the pot since this plant is extremely sensitive to that. Repotting is stressful on plants, so make sure you take care of it after you repot it. 

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Peperomia Pink Lady Propagation

What is better than one Peperomia Pink Lady? More than one Peperomia Pink Lady! 

Propagating this eye-catching pink plant is actually quite simple. 

You can propagate this plant by simply using stem cuttings. When choosing a cutting, pick from the healthiest part of the plant. If you pick from the healthiest part of the plant, it will increase your chances of your propagation working. 

Also, when choosing a stem to propagate with, make sure you choose a stem with about two or three leaves on it and at least one node. Once you choose your desired stem, cut it off cleanly with sterilized scissors. Using sterilized scissors is important to avoid spreading any fungal diseases to your plants. You can sterilize them using hot water. After your stem is cut off and in hand, just put it directly into the new soil. 

Another way to propagate this plant is by just using the leaves. You can bury the leaf halfway in the soil, and while the top half continues to photosynthesize, the bottom half concealed by dirt will remarkably grow roots. 

When using these last two methods, you can increase the chances of your propagation taking root by putting a plastic bag with a little hole for ventilation over the top of the pot. This creates the necessary humidity needed for it to take root. Make sure you put it somewhere bright but not in direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist and change the air in the bag every few days. The cuttings should take about a month to root. After about two months you will notice your cuttings start to grow new leaves. After your cuttings start to grow new leaves, remove the bag. 

Given the right conditions, this plant is so easy to propagate that you could create a whole army of Peperomia Pink Ladies! 

Peperomia Abricos vs. Peperomia Pink Lady

Peperomia Abricos (left) vs Peperomia Pink Lady (right)

The Peperomia Pink Lady can often be compared with the Peperomia Abricos. Some people even confuse them for the same plant. While these two plants are similar as far as the rounded shape of the leaves and height of the plant, they are actually quite different from one another. The Peperomia Pink Lady has a lovely pink variation marbled across the plant’s leaves. The Peperomia Abricos has a darker pink on the edges of the leaves and is overall much greener in color. The Pink Lady has a light presence, while the Abricos are more intense in color. Although they are quite different from one another in terms of appearance, they require similar care practices. 

Peperomia Pink Marble vs. Peperomia Pink Lady

Peperomia Pink Marble and Peperomia Pink Lady are two names often given to the same plant. Although they are often given the same name, there is a subtle difference between them. As the name implies, Peperomia Pink Marble is a name given to a variety of the Peperomia Pink Lady with leaves resembling a marble pattern. Plants labeled with this title have more variation in their leaves between pink and green than a plant labeled as Peperomia Pink Marble. 

Scientifically, they are the same plant but have been manipulated to give these desired coloration results. The most important thing to know about these two plants, the Peperomia Pink Marble and the Peperomia Pink Lady, is that they can be cared for similarly regarding humidity, temperature, light, and watering. They both do not tolerate sitting in water. 

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How can I make my Peperomia Pink Lady more pink?

The most wonderful thing about the Peperomia Pink lady is its pink leaves; you may find yourself wanting to maximize its potential. The pink leaves of this plant are not guaranteed, as they can also grow green leaves. It requires knowledge to be able to make sure your plant gets these wonderful pink leaves. The beauty of the pink leaves often leaves people wondering, how can I make my Peperomia Pink Lady more pink?

The pink leaves are the new growth leaves, so if you want more pink leaves, you will want to do everything in your power to optimize growth.

The key is to pay attention to the light that your plant is getting. If your Peperomia Pink lady is getting too little light, the leaves will turn into a frosty color. This is not the desired appearance you are probably looking for. If your Peperomia Pink Lady gets too much direct light, it will bleach out the pink, turning your plant into a white-cream color. The key is to balance the lighting in a sweet spot between too much light and too little light. Your Peperomia Pink Lady should be in a spot where it is receiving an abundant amount of indirect, filtered light if you want to make your Peperomia pink lady pinker.

Where to Buy Peperomia Pink Lady

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