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Vermisterra Earthworm Castings (Premium) 10 lbs


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The purest and perfect type of soil enhancement for plants is Earthworm castings. They are totally natural, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Earthworm castings provide important nutrients required to grow healthy and vigorous plants. Castings also include a range of beneficial bacteria and microbes that help to combat pests and diseases, and improve soil structure and break down nutrients to make them more available for plants to absorb.

Nutrients are readily available to plants, unlike other manure and synthetic fertilizers, and are released slowly, so they remain effective for a longer period of time. It does not burn plants, so the application of an extended quantity or directly to the plant is not a problem.

Improves Fertility and Soil Composition

Microbes in the teas have the chance to generate pore spaces in the soil. More oxygen can enter the soil in order to create even more biological activity. As well as the roots of plants, they can root more easily in the soil. Well structured soil often soaks up water like a sponge to hold water for longer periods of time.

Rich in Healthy Microbes and Bacteria

In earthworm castings, high concentrations of active mixtures of bacteria and micro-organisms are introduced by the worm during the digestive process. Microscopic creatures help to build a healthy, living soil that will give plants the perfect environment for optimum growth. Organic waste is also deodorized during digestion, neutralizing the odor and giving off a natural fragrance like a rainforest.

Regulates Nutrients for Plants

Humic acid in earthworm castings have the ability to free up nutrients in the soil to make nutrients readily accessible to plants. Unlike earthworm castings, synthetic fertilizers and animal manure must be broken down in the soil before plants can absorb nutrients.

Aid against Pests and Diseases

Since plants remain healthy with a steady supply of nutrients from earthworm castings, plants can protect themselves against disease.

Premium vs Standard

VermisTerra earthworm castings are 7-10 years old , making them pure, stable and readily accessible for absorption by the plant. We do not have compost or any fillers. That’s what makes our brand so effective: you get more pure earthworm castings. You can interchangeably use our premium and standard grades of earthworm castings.

The Premium is finer, suitable for indoor gardens, container plants and seed starters. The Standard has small slivers of organic material in it, ideal for outdoor soil amendment, raised beds, trees and flowers.

How To Use Earthworm Castings

Create your own potting mix:

To make your own slow release container mix, mix 1 part earthworm castings with 3 parts media (combination of potting mix or coco coir).

Top dress established plants:

Spread a handful (1-2 inches thick) around the base of existing plants, scratch into the soil surface, then water the plants. Microbes and earthworm castings require moisture to start working.

Add when transplanting:

Place 3 tablespoons to a handful of worm castings in the transplant hole to protect and stimulate root growth.

Amend Soil:

To create organic matter in soil, put 10 LB of earthworm castings per 10 square foot of land to increase microorganisms and condition soil.


You can feed your plants once a season with earthworm castings. Microbes need warmth to multiply so you can skip the winter when it’s colder than 40 degrees. You can use more earthworm castings for fruit and vegetables: feed them every other week. Earthworm castings have a pH of 7, so the plant will never be burned.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 3 in


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