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Vermisterra Worm Tea (1 gallon) – Liquid Fertilizer


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VermisTerra ® Earthworm Casting Tea is a patented, microbial solution. It is an outstanding fertilizer that helps boost the soil’s biological diversity and vitality. It includes all the advantages of earthworm castings and more, as a byproduct of vermicompost. Viable plant health and development depend on their association with the tea’s beneficial microbes. It will make your plants more robust and more able to withstand diseases and pests by applying our high-quality Earthworm Casting Tea.

Improves the Composition of Soil

Microbes in the worm tea have the ability to produce pore spaces in the soil. More oxygen can enter the soil in order to create even more biological activity. The plant roots can more easily root into the soil as well. Well structured soil often soaks up water like a sponge to hold water for longer periods of time.

Boost Plant Strength

With worm tea supplying available nutrients and soil-enriching microbes, plants will be healthy and tough to be more naturally resistant to pressure from unwanted pests.

Reduced Hazardous Chemical Exposure

Nutrients and disease and pest control are also combined with VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea, avoiding the use of other chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This keeps you, your children and your pets safe as well as protecting the environment.

Extended Shelf Life

VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea does not have a shortened shelf life of a few days, unlike regular compost teas. As the essential micro-organisms need oxygen to survive, compost tea starts to lose its effectiveness right after the aeration is stopped. As a consequence, damaging pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella causes a concern as they feed on the bacteria that die off in compost tea. Earthworm Casting Tea from VermisTerra breaks down into much smaller bacterial types and contains a higher nutrient concentration than compost tea, so it can be stored for later use.

Bountiful and Consistent Use of Nutrients

In addition to the nutrition already present, high amounts of nutrition are released through the workings of many micro-organisms within VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea. The microbes break down the nutrients available to be quickly picked up by plants.

Guideline for Use

How to Use VermisTerra Worm Tea

Soil Drench:

For general usage, blend 3 oz of VermisTerra tea for every 1 gallon of water, including lawns. Feed the plants every fourteen days. You can use up to 6 oz per gallon of water weekly for fruits and vegetables. The trick is to regularly use a little tea from VermisTerra so that your soil is inoculated with beneficial microorganisms.

Foliar Spray:

For each gallon of water in a foliar spray tank, mix 3 oz of VermisTerra tea. Spray on the leaves of the plants early in the morning.

Through Irrigation System:

Set up an irrigation reservoir to mix the desired amount of tea per sq. Foot or acre.


Do not use VermisTerra Tea when the seed starts. It is advised to inoculate the soil before planting, but do not water the seeds with the mixture since it is organic acid. Start using tea when the first collection of true leaves is formed by sprouts.


Once they grow the first collection of true leaves, begin using VermisTerra tea on sprouts. Used at a rate of 1-2 oz per gallon on seedlings.


Working with nature takes time. If your plants are weak, you will see results instantly, others would see growing results in 6 months or more. The trick is to regularly use the VermisTerra tea. About every 7-14 days. Depending on your time, budget, the amount of other amendments being used, you can use it more or less frequently. And how much you’d like to push the plants.

The more you use it, the more healthy and vigorous your garden will become. With less time spent troubleshooting illnesses and insects, gardening would be easier, which means more time enjoying the success of your expanding garden.

Can I mix VermisTerra Tea with other products?

Yes, other foliar spray products, such as Neem oil, Garlic Barrier, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, may be mixed together. The absorption of these other ingredients will be increased by VermisTerra Tea. Reduce the recommended amount by 50-70 per cent when using other fertilizers or amendments. This is because decomposition can be accelerated by microbes and help in absorption.

Other soil modifications, neem, garlic barrier, fertilizers and even pesticides work well with VermisTerra tea. The pH is 4.3, so combining it with tap water would normally raise the pH of all other products to an optimum level. In foliar spraying, you can combine with other products.

If you use raw materials such as compost, wood shavings, bark, guano, manure, take care to reduce them to just 20% of the soil. The tea microbes can speed up their decomposition, turning them into food for plants. If you have too much raw material in the soil, it will take nitrogen to break down and pull it out of the  plant causing leaf burn. In 1-2 weeks, the plant can heal and happily bounce back, but by using less raw material, you will prevent this stress.

Reduce them to 50-70 percent of their suggested levels when using other fertilizers and modifications including fish emulsion. In VermisTerra tea, the microbes can increase absorption and promote the plant’s supply, so you can use less for the same performance.

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