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What is Worm Tea? Benefits of Worm Tea

What is Worm Tea?

Is it brewing a few worms in a cup of hot water? Eww, nope! It is just the liquid form from vermicomposting. Some people misunderstand that the liquid mixture retrieved from the bottom of the worm casting bin is worm tea. But, this liquid is known as leachate. Worm tea or vermi-tea is an intricately prepared mixture of oxygenated water and worm castings. Leachate is not as nutritious, and microbe-filled as worm tea and is a smelly by-product that contains bad microbes.

Vermicast/Worm Tea Benefits

Worm tea is a complex solution which is made out of worm castings that contain microbes like bacteria, fungi, protozoa and useful nematodes. In worm tea, they are found in easily absorbable form which is taken up by the plants increasing its immune power.

Not only does it contain microbes for nutrients, but these microbes also help the plant suppress diseases such as Pythium and Rhizoctonia. They increase the plant’s natural disease suppression and resistance function.

Vermicastings are the solid form, and it may be difficult for some plants to take up the nutrients from this. The nutrients are released slowly. Worm tea as a liquid form facilitates the speedy absorption of the nutrients into the plant.

Worm compost is brewed in water, and the minerals and microbial elements are extracted into the water as an easily absorb-able form. A simple worm tea can be produced by simply adding compost into the water. Still, it is well prepared in the presence of continuous oxygen supply so that the amount of active oxygen in it is increased considerably.

Vermicompost works great for tree and shrub growth. Perennials, vegetables, and flowers grow well and give better produce with compost.

The application type and concentration also vary greatly based on the final desired result expected from the worm tea application. The tea is used in its undiluted form if the plant is infected with a disease, and this directly shows the role of worm tea in protecting the plant and providing it with immune power. Seedlings are to be soaked in the worm tea before planting so that the seeds grow in the best condition. Worm tea can be applied by using a sprayer, watering can, hose-end sprayer, and spray bottle based on the vastness of the farm area.


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